Thursday, June 24, 2010

I missed the deadline for filing my appeal with the 7th circuit.
So the federal part of this lawsuit is finished.
I have not yet filed anything new with the state court.
This does not mean that I have given up on the federal issues - I will be continuing to file lawsuits about Indiana's voter ID until I either get a resolution I like or get turned down by the Supreme Court. Each election cycle gives me standing again.
I will be checking with the state court to see where things stand, and then maybe filing a motion for a temporary injunction.
I might or might not resubmit my amicus brief to the Indiana Supreme Court in the LWV case, since they have not yet ruled. My brief was turned down by the clerk because I didnt specify whether certain parties were served in person or by mail. How the Indiana court rules in LWV will be the major factor in my state suit.
My next suit, which I have to file before november, will be about how I was denied the vote in the 2008 general election. I was not even given a provisional ballot, so they didn't follow their own rules, even if voter ID is upheld generally. This does not mean that I am certain to get damages - the state had some theories that even if my rights were violated no damages are due. But it's the kind of thing I'm willing to litigate.

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