Sunday, October 29, 2006

In addition to the legal documents, I'll include some press coverage.
here's the town's main paper endorsing joell's opponent. Opinion
October 20, 2006

Indiana House, District 100: Rep. John Day

John Day has been affectionately dubbed "our Don Quixote" by fellow Democrats for doggedly challenging powerful vested interests on behalf of his low- and moderate-income constituents.

But it's not as if the Eastside representative doesn't win some. It just typically takes a while. First elected in 1976, he won an increase in the state minimum wage in 1998. He's trying for another.
Meanwhile, he's pushing for increased funding for two programs he brought about for low-income families: the state Earned Income Tax Credit, and individual development asset accounts that can be used to save for homeownership, tuition or business startups.
The quiet, driven House veteran has transcended ideology and partisanship with his agenda of grass-roots investment. He wants to fight blight and crime by toughening state laws against neglect of property by absentee owners. He believes legislative perks would be better spent on needy constituents.
With all respect to his opponents, Republican John Warren and Libertarian Joell Palmer, he is an asset to be held on to.

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