Thursday, December 14, 2006

A hearing had been scheduled this morning at the trial court, but by agreement of the parties it was continued indefinately. It was a chance to meet 2 of 3 opposing counsel and the judge. The state's opposing counsel is very aggressive on procedural matters,and we disagreed on a series of things. We've tangled before. Counsel for the county is reasonable and likeable. Counsel for Securatex wasn't present and hadn't gotten notice. The judge said she hadn't been aware of the outstanding motion for leave to appeal, so I'll prepare an order on that and see where that leaves us.

The most important thing from this morning was learning that the Court of Appeals has denied, without opinion, my petition for reconsideration.

If the court grants leave for review, and the Court of Appeals wants a second filing fee, a further appeal might be contingent on a donor coming forward with the filing fee. And as always, Plaintiffs continue to have an urgent need for cocounsel in this case. Currently I am up against better lawyers with more resources than I have. Additionally, there's a potential second plaintiff, a Mr. Page, who I would have a conflict in representing, who seeks counsel.

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