Monday, January 22, 2007

Amicus draft

In Crawford v Marion County, plaintiffs have moved for rehearing or rehearing en banc at the Seventh Circuit.
I am trying to draft an amicus in suport of rehearing.
I'd like to work with anyone else so inclined.
please contact me gtbear at gmail.

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Interests of the Parties
Summary of Argument
Statement of the case
Summary of argument
The case is of great public importance, meriting close review of the panel’s decision.

The panel erred in applying lax review.

The panel erred in failing to address the state constitutional claim.

The panel erred in failing to certify the state claim to the Indiana Supreme Court, since there is no controlling authority in support of the district court’s rulings on the state claims.

The panel erred in its conclusion regarding the state claim, and consequently reached the wrong conclusion in the case.

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