Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Seventh Circuit, Posner, 2-1, has upheld the Indiana voter ID scheme.
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Dissent by Evans. 1/4/7 posting, has the text.
Posner, Circuit Judge.
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A number of candidates for public office, and voters, along with organizations such as the Democratic Party that are active in electoral politics, challenge a new Indiana voting law as an undue burden on the right to vote, a right that the Supreme Court has found latent in the Constitution. E.g., Illinois State Board of Elections v. Socialist Workers Party, 440 U.S. 173, 184 (1979), and cases cited in Igartua-De La Rosa v. United States, 417 F.3d 145, 169-70 (1st Cir.2005). The law requires, with certain exceptions, that persons wanting to vote in person in either a primary or a general election must present at the polling place a government-issued photo ID, unless the person either wants to vote by absentee ballot (and is eligible to do so) or lives in a nursing home.

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