Friday, November 20, 2009

Entry Discussing Renewed Motion for Certification to the Indiana Supreme Court: Having reviewed the plaintiff's renewed motion for certification to the Indiana Supreme Court [61], the claims in this case, and what it understands to be Indiana law, the court now DENIED the motion. The certification procedure sought by the plaintiff, while authorized in certain circumstances, is rarely invoked and is not warranted by the circumstances present here. If cases already pending in the Indiana courts tilt favorably to the plaintiff's position here, state law will be clear on the matters he presents, while the opposite is equally true. In either event, the standard for certification has not been met. Signed by Judge William T. Lawrence on 11/19/2009. (DWH)
(who is william t lawrence? i mean i know he's one of the judges, but why is the ruling from him instead of larry mckinney)

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